Subscribing to Teams

After you login you have the option to subscribe to teams that you want to get scores updates for.

To subscribe to teams, click Subscribe to Teams in the dropdown for the sport that you want (found in the top center sports menu.) From here you can click the subscribe link for an individual team if you wish to subscribe to a single team or you can check the checkboxes next to multiple teams and then click the Subscribe to Checked Teams button if you wish to subscribe to multiple teams at once. You will then be prompted to choose the frequency of the score updates. After you pick a frequency you can click the Subscribe button.

Keep in mind, subscribing to a team simply subscribes you to all games of that team. If you are already subscribed to some games of a team then decide you want to subscribe to that team (to subscribe to all of their games), you don't have to worry about being subscribed to that game twice and getting duplicate alerts, you can only subscribe to a game once.