Changing my Mobile Device

SportsAlert allows you to change the mobile device that you receive score updates on. To do so, Login, go to My Account (the link can be found in the top right of the page), and go to Alert Information.

On the Alert Information page you will have the option to change your mobile device but you will have to confirm this device before the change will be registered. The steps you will need to go through to change your mobile device and then confirm it are:
  • Change your mobile device information (phone # and carrier or email address.)
  • Click the Send Confirmation Code button.
  • Receive the confirmation code on your new device.
  • Enter in your confirmation code in the textbox on that page.
  • Click the Update button.
The reason we require you to confirm your device is two-fold. First, we're legally required to do so, as if we didn't then someone could sign up someone else's phone for score updates, causing someone to potentially get text message charges for something they didn't sign up for. By confirming your device, we are ensuring that everyone who gets alerts signed up for them. Secondly, if you do not receive the confirmation code, this means that you would not be able to receive the score updates, as they are sent in the same fashion. By confirming your device, we're also ensuring that you will be able to receive the score updates on your device.

If you do not receive the confirmation code then check out our I didn't get the Confirmation Code page, which contains tips that might help.