I didn't get the Confirmation Code

If you do not receive the confirmation code then try the following tips...
  • Ensure that your mobile phone has text messaging capabilities.
  • Ensure that your plan with your carrier supports text messages.
  • Check that you don't have some sort of spam/junk mail filter on your phone that could have blocked it. If you do, look in these spam folders for it.
  • Make sure you selected your carrier from the dropdown.
  • Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless so if you have Cingular and you don't receive the confirmation code, try selecting AT&T as your carrier and vise versa, as Cingular still uses AT&T's text messaging gateway for some of their users.
  • Some carriers like Sprint and Rogers Canada can delay the sending of text messages by as much as 8 hours. We are working on sending messages a different way to get around this issue.
  • If you still cannot get the confirmation code, Contact Us.