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Running Mini-Blog For My 2012 Fantasy Football Auctions

As I’ve done in previous years, these are my thoughts as I take part in the auctions of my two fantasy football leagues:

·         I would not advise you, if you are in two different leagues, to have the auction/draft on the same day.  But if it must be on the same day, make sure they are held on separate times of the day.  And if for some reason it cannot be held on separate times of the day, try and stagger them so that one starts, oh, half an hour from each other.  Because what I’m doing is ideal.

·         Oh, and find a coffeeshop whose settings are conducive to your computer, whatever the eff that means.  I drove from a University of Minnesota soccer game three miles north, and after ten minutes of getting myself situated, it tells me I can’t access this place’s wi-fi network.  So I have to get in my car (which, by the way, needs massive repairs) and drive a place close to campus.  After ordering my cup o’ joe, I get on and see that I missed the first two picks.  They were only Arian Foster and Matthew Stafford, but I don’t think many of you who do drafts or auctions online want to be just a bit late when it starts, do you?

·         In the fourth and fifth picks, I shelled out $99, just about half my fake bankroll of $200, for Ray Rice and Aaron Rodgers.  While I have my doubts Rodgers can keep up his historic passing pace, he is the best of the quarterback bunch.  And while Foster and LeSean McCoy are considered just as good, I just think Rice works under the most stable situation and game plan.

·         For my first nomination I always want to be kind of a dick, so I want to toss up a name of some scrub and see if one of the guys who aren’t here and thus have the computer auto-bid for him will bite.  So when my turn comes out, of course I nominate Tim Tebow.  And I now have Tim Tebow on my roster for $1.

·         San Francisco has the best D/ST in the fantasy?  It’s been a long time since we could say that.  And so I get them for $6.  Half of my bankroll is tied up in four players.  And I’m OK with that.  Plus, I bought all four back-to-back-to-back-to-back. 

·         In my other league, the one that starts soon, the one that I have actual money “invested” in, one of the guys said that 12 guys is better than 14, which is the number of people I thought were going to sign up (we are going through Yahoo!, like always).  I understand that, sort of.  But is that much of an impediment to the league?

·         As I just typed on the money league, I am now participating in two leagues at the same time as of 4:15 CDT.  All the bells and whistles … I’m getting dizzy. …

·         Wouldn’t you know it … in just about two dozen picks, and in my first league, the non-money league, I go from the guy with the shortest stack to the guy with the longest.  A dozen picks after that, I have twice the amount of money left over as the next team.

·         Meanwhile, I look up at budget I have left on my money league team.  I have $169 of my $200 tied up in Ray Rice, Tom Brady and Roddy White.  Clearly I’m taking the “feast and famine” strategy here.  But this is awfully boring because we have bidding skirmishes in the middle part of the auction for the likes of Brandon Lloyd and Brandon Marshall, guys I want to take a chance on, and I have no money to even give an offer.  You want to get someone, and with so many other people still with enough “cash,” you’re priced out of the bidding very quickly.  I will be on the sidelines for the next, oh, 50 picks.  (The next 47, to be exact.)

·         Moreover, there won’t be a whole lot of fighting once other players exhaust their budgets.  There isn’t much wiggle room to get, say, Brandon Pettigrew near the end of the auction.  I doubt there will be enough people who can pony up, say $5 to get him.  Part of the risk if you think there are only so many sure things in fantasy you go all in early.

·         In my six-team non-money league, which is only six teams big, the two most-expensive picks went for $50 (Rodgers) and $49 (Rice).  In my 12-team money league, the two most-expensive picks went for $65 (Rice) and $64 (Tom Brady).  A fifteen-dollar difference.  Are prices driven up higher the more players in a league?

·         Peyton Manning went in my free league for $1.  Nominated him, no takers.  Wow, what one lost season can do to what once was the surest QB pick in fantasy. …

·         It turns out that, even though my money league came together essentially late night Saturday, all of us eventually joined in on the auction.  It’s always a beautiful thing to see everybody be able to participate in at least part of what arguably is the best reason to be in a fantasy sports league.  On the other hand, my non-money league came and went with two of the six participants not getting on at all.  Unfortunately, that auction was without drama or smack talk.

·         Holy crap, Michael Clarke Duncan is dead???

·         Yeah, this has gotten stultifying quick.  Auctions are great to follow, but once in a while you want to get in there and fight it out with someone.  I’m really regretting purchasing White’s services for $40.  I could have gotten Julio Jones, a more potent threat, for less money.  And at the very least that $40 was money I could bid with instead of watching from the online cheap seats.  It’s been forever that I got someone … and I still need to fill 11 spots!!

·         Chris Johnson went in my money league for $47.  Is that crazy to you?

·         Since I can’t do any bidding, I’m just looking at the list of players we’re nominating.  A lot of them have too many warts to interest me – Kenny Britt (suspended one game, young QB), Jordy Nelson (too many good receivers in Green Bay), Steven Jackson (is he done?), Vincent Jackson (too many dropped passes).  You know, even if I did have money, I would probably be doing nothing, just as I am now. …

·         I often nominate kickers and defenses just for the hell of it.  This is not a draft, so you don’t necessarily have to wait to pick them at the end.  But I have $31 to my name (still), and I don’t think I can respond to some guy’s possible joke raise and pay, say, Sebastian Janikowski for $3.  I am that hard up against the wall, and I don’t mean that in a horny or good way.

·         Getting the feeling that the bidding is finally slowing down.  I also get the feeling a lot of us have our pet sleepers and are just waiting for the right time to get them without a competing bid.

·         So what I’m doing, for example, is get someone who people are high on but I’m not, like Darren Sproles.  He could be a great get, and he should get some run in New Orleans.  But I’m going with other guys instead, and if someone wants to spend $15 on Sproles, like someone just did, that’s $15 that won’t be used against me for the players I really want later.

·         A four-way bid for Donald Brown.  Never have I been a part of such an intense bidding war for a guy who went for $5.

·         Two good QB back-ups: Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler.  Both were just nominated … passed them both by.  Am I going to have to settle for Christian Ponder?

·         Oh, my first nomination in my money league was also Tebow.  Somebody took him for $3, and we’re all razzing him that he is his only QB so far.  Now watch Tebow become MVP of the NFL.

·         In my starting roster, I hadn’t filled my other RB and two of my three WR spots.  Did I panic jumping in and getting Reggie Wayne for $7?  I have no idea if Andrew Luck has developed any chemistry with him.  I don’t even know if Luck is going to even give him any looks.

·         Robert Meachem just went for $9.  And there was a five-way war for Pettigrew, who just was sold for $10.  Maybe there is wiggle room after all.

·         I can honestly say that, two hours in and half of the spots left to be filled, there is no one, and I mean no one, who interests me.  After Willis McGahee and Peyton Hillis, I really couldn’t give less of a damn about who else will comprise my team.  I think I already hate my team.

·         Right now I have the most money left of anybody in the money league, which theoretically would be important if I want to out-bid someone.  But who do I pick?

·         My God, I just paid $9 to get McGahee as my second starting RB.  Yes, you really do have to do your homework in a 12-team league, several of them die-hards.  My starting line-up has players I would not have on my team if I could help it.

·         They say that wide receivers are deep this year.  I still don’t have my third starter selected and there is no one I want to fill it with.  Maybe the experts didn’t mean this deep, or maybe I’m relying on the adage that WR is a volatile position and that someone out of nowhere will have a huge season, such as Victor Cruz last year (who was the 22nd player nominated here and was taken for $31 – too high a price, in my opinion).

·         Well, there is one other person I am still high on: Kyle Rudolph.  Tight end for the Vikings may grow with Ponder as a tandem.  But at this point my maximum bid is only $2.  I thought he’d get called soon, so I thought I might as well nominate him for $2.  Waiting with bated breath for someone to outbid me … but no one raised me, not even my best friend, who is doing this league with his oldest son, whom he’s raising as a Vikings fan.  Whew!  If things break right, this could be my steal of the auction.

·         Oh, dammit … I just made a mistake.  I just nominated Randall Cobb for a buck because I felt I needed to complete my starting roster.  I should have instead fortified my bench with more well-known players, just in case.  The next six players, for example, need to get a second QB, and the guys available are the likes of Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Sam Bradford.  I needed to get one of those guys, too.  God, I am so stupid.

·         A three-way skirmish for Nate Washington?  Interesting.  Went for three dollars.

·         Well, maybe I’m going to dodge that QB bullet.  The guys needing backup quarterbacks instead went RB or WR.  I think I’m going to get someone I’m satisfied with.

·         And I get Fitzpatrick, who was on fire before he got hurt, for a single buck.

·         You know, I’m not too down on my scrubs.  Was able to get Jacquizz Rodgers in case Michael Turner is injured, and Mario Manningham might be the new go-to guy if San Francisco has a big year on offense.  And I remembered to get Rashad Jennings, who should start and might convince Jacksonville coach Mike Mularkey to keep Maurice Jones-Drew on the bench, at least for a little while.

·         One of the “experts” I rely on is The Talented Mr. Roto, Matthew Berry of, who put out his annual 100 Facts list.  I condensed them into “do draft” and “do not draft” lists, and I was able to get seven of the people he’s touting for my two teams: Fitzpatrick, Cobb, Jacob Tamme (who has been BFF’s with Manning ever since he signed with Denver), BenJarvus Green-Ellis (stepping into a great spot as Cincinnati’s starting back), Brandon Lloyd (the wide receiver New England’s offense really needs to be the complete package), Brandon Pettigrew (an underrated end zone target when Detroit is close to the goal line) and Baltimore’s Torrey Smith (who could be the next deep threat in the league).  I feel good.

·         And we are done after about 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Here are my teams.  What do you think?

Non-money league

QB: Rodgers, Tebow, Manning

RB: Rice, Steven Jackson, Fred Jackson, McGahee, Green-Ellis

WR: Wes Welker, Lloyd, Eric Decker, Smith

TE: Fred Davis, Brandon Pettigrew

K: David Akers

D/ST: San Francisco

Money league

QB: Brady, Fitzpatrick

RB: Rice, McGahee, Jennings, Rodgers

WR: White, Wayne, Cobb, Manningham

TE: Tamme, Rudolph

K: Mason Crosby

D/ST: Seattle

Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend.  Now I must go to the Minnesota State Fair and see if they still have that Walleye Roll everybody keeps talking about.

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